Further articles involving Cocon

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These articles show the potential of Software Assisted Structure Elucidation.

Junker, J., Maier, W., Lindel, T., & Kock, M. (1999). Computer-assisted constitutional assignment of large molecules: COCON analysis of ascomycin. Organic Letters, 1(4), 737–740.

Kock, M., Junker, J., & Lindel, T. (1999). Impact of the H-1,N-15-HMBC experiment on the constitutional analysis of alkaloids. Organic Letters, 1(5), 2041–2044.

Kock, M., Junker, J., Maier, W., Will, M., & Lindel, T. (1999). A COCON analysis of proton-poor heterocycles - Application of carbon chemical shift predictions for the evaluation of structural proposals. European Journal Of Organic Chemistry, 579–586.<579::aid-ejoc579>;2-#