Input of Molecule or NMReDATA file

Drop Cocon Input/SDF/NMReDATA file here


  Create theoretical data, will overwrite the experimental data if applied to NMReDATA file.         Create an empty inputtable for Cocon, so that you can enter the data you have.     

  "Use index" is the normal behaviour of Cocon, "Use names" needs the column names to be filled with names used for the atom in the corresponding row. When set to "Use names", Cocon then expects the names to be used in all correlations and NOEs. When switching between modes, the tables are adjusted correspondingly. The saved inputfile will use indexes.   This feature is still under development and should not be expected to work correctly!!    Important Information about this option!

  Start Cocon with the inputfile generated form the table, using atomtypes if provided.      Start Cocon with the inputfile generated form the table, ignoring all atomtypes provided.          Download the Cocon inputfile generated form the table.

Molecule SMARTS

Molecule SMILES

Molecule MOL

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